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Just joined a new group [09 Apr 2006|10:31pm]

hey there ladies,
For all of you Brides out there who're also trying to shed a few pounds before your big day, check out this group: http://community.livejournal.com/fit_brides/profile It may interest some of you out there.

Later! ;)
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Engagement Party [04 Apr 2006|11:48pm]

Hello everyone,
So, I have a few questions about an engagement party. What is the purpose of it? WHO attends it? Who gets invited to it? Can you have more than one? (for instance, in different cities).

My wedding is in October, and my future in-laws want to have an engagement party (here in our city) in early June. So, now I'm wondering if I should arrange something in the city where my family/friends (some are involved in my wedding) reside?

I'm thoroughly confused. Can you all help me??



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questions about invitations and save the date cards [17 Feb 2006|11:56am]

so ladies...I've got a question. Actually I guess it's a few questions.
My wedding is in October this year. So what I'm wondering is: 1) When should I send out my invitations? (I was thinking probably June or July-am I right on that?) 2) Do I have to send save the date cards to people? (and if we do, how far ahead should they be sent?) We've pretty much contacted people via email and phone and in person to let them know about our wedding date.

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Some ideas for my junior bridesmaid [08 Feb 2006|12:02am]

My oldest neice, Emma is my jr. bridesmaid. She'll be 11 in July (my wedding is in October). Now, I'm not sure if I should put her in the EXACT same dress as my attendants, Susan and Bev, or if hers should be a bit different.

This is the
Bridesmaid dressCollapse )

My Future MIL found these dresses online:
jr.bridesmaid dress ideasCollapse ) What are your gals ideas and opinions on this?

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The amazing wedding race [17 Jan 2006|05:00pm]

GRR sorry it's not behind a cut. I haven't done a cut in months and forget how, so I need to go practice that. :( In the meantime, you get this.

My wedding is on October 7 this year. Things have started getting into full swing as of late. One of the big things we're getting into motion right now is finding a church. My fiance is catholic, as are his parents. I wasn't raised catholic, but "christian"- protestant. My FH and I haven't practiced for years, and neither have his parents. However, we realized we wanted a religious ceremony, so we started scoping out churches last year, well before Christmas. We attended one, St. Michael's, that I really liked. It was a VERY charismatic catholic parish. When I went to church as a teenager, I attended on that was VERY charismatic. After attending that church a few times, my FH realized that he was more traditional than he thought. (it doesn't have pews or Kneel benches). So the church hunt was on again!

So, on Sunday, myself, my fiance and his parents attended the parish his mom had her sacrements in when she was a child. St. Joseph's. It's a cute old style brick church with old dark wooden pews. It's bright, roomy, beautiful and just plain full of good feelings inside. And the priest, Father Khrystian is just like santa claus. All of the children love him. They stood in line to get/give a hug. It was adorable. The priest walked down the centre of the church and shook hands with people who were sitting on the ends (myself and my fiance). He made eye contact when he did this. The mass was quite pretty. It's the first time I've heard bells used during the communion. A good time was had by all. As we left the chapel, he greeted everyone and shook our hands.

Anyway, so after church, we all went out for brunch and talked about church. We all agreed that it's a great little church and that father Khrystian is cool. (my FH's parents are looking to join a parish too).

Well today, I called the parish to find out how to go about getting married there. I explained that we attended on Sunday, met the priest, loved him, and that we would like to join the parish. I told the woman my wedding date, and (isn't this just my friggen luck!!!)was informed that the father will be in Africa from the end of Sept to the End of October!!! ARGGHHH!!!! and the priests that will be covering are retired dudes who just want to do mass, and NOT do weddings!

Anyway, I talked to my fiance, he talked to his mom, I called the church back and asked that (once we're members of the parish), could we have our wedding in the church, but find our own priest. The woman said he'd have to be part of the Calgary diochese. The guy we want to ask is the Father from Medicine Hat (St. Patrick's), a city a few hours away from us going south. This priest married my FH's sis and bro-in-law--they're both in our wedding party--(like 8 years ago when he lived in Calgary. (it was at a different parish). My FH has family in Medicine Hat. and in fact, in a few years, my FH and I are planning to relocate to Medicine Hat. Anyway, apparantly he IS part of this diochese. YAY! So then the lady asks me what time I want it for on that day, I tell her 2pm, and she says there's another lady looking at having it on that day at that time. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We're begining to feel like we're cursed! GRRR!!!!

My FH and I have attended the Church in Medicine Hat. We (along with his parents) went and visited his mom's Aunt Marg last September. It's a BEAUTIFUL parish and if it was hours closer, we'd pursue it as a place to get married. When we move to Medicine Hat, we're planning on getting involved in that parish.

So basically it's like a race now. Which ever of us can get our shit together first I assume gets it. So now my future MIL has to contact the Priest in Medicine Hat (and get her great auntie to put in a good word for her with the priest ;) and talk a good game to him. We'll see if there's any family clout in Medicine Hat. Great Auntie Marg (and her late husband, Uncle Tony) is a VERY active member of that parish. In fact, late Uncle Tony and Aunt Marg donated the chalice the priest uses in the communion.

So this sunday, we have to go to church again and this time we have to fill out the new members form and leave it for them. However, my fiance works, so it'll be me, his parents, and (I assume his sis and BIL) And that day I'm going to a wedding fair with my futre SIL, my other attendant and my Future MIL, and her good friend. What a day that's gonna be!

Anyway, I just wanted to vent/bitch/whine a bit.

I hope other people's journeys haven't been this hard and frustrating.

Thanks to whoever listened/read this bunch of babble!

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Some Bridal Shower Questions [13 Jan 2006|10:19pm]

Hey Gals,
I have some questions that I want to get some feedback about. But first let me explain a bit.

My wedding is in just under 9 months (October 7, 2006). I'm having 2 adult attendants. (My friend Susan Maid of Honour, and my fiancee's sister Bev Matron of Honour). I'm having my nieces and nephews as part of my wedding. (my oldest neice Emma (will be 11 at time of wedding) is a jr bridesmaid, and my other 2 nieces, Paulla will be 8, and Hannah will be 5 are flowergirls, and my nephews, Troy will be 14 is an usher, and Gabriel will be 3 is the ring bearer). They all live in a different city (as does my mom and most of my family and several friends)about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive away from my city.

There is a long weekend coming up in February (Family Day), and my attendants and myself and my future MIL (and maybe her good friend) will be driving up for at least part of the weekend to do dress stuff with my nieces (and sisters in law).

What I'm wondering is, 1) is it too early to have a bridal shower, and 2)is it too tacky for me to suggest/ask my mom or good friend in this other city to plan it for when we'll be in town? This is probably one of the ONLY opportunities where my attendants, my MIL, my mom, my 2 SIL, and my girlfriends and family from the other city will be able to all be together, without the MEGA last minute pressures that we likely may have if we're up in the summer sometime.

I understand it's customary for my maid/matron of honour to plan my shower, but (since she's not IN my wedding), I'd like to include this good friend (from the other city) and my mom in my wedding plans in anyway possible. And obviously Susan and Bev will plan a shower (in a few months I imagine) here in our city with friends and family here, and then my friends and family from the other city don't have to try to come down here, unless they are able to (and in some cases, not be able to).

Does any of this make any sense? What does everyone think?

Thanks for the help.

Cross posted everywhere! ;)
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My Dress Journey [26 Nov 2005|06:39pm]

You may notice that I don't look particularly happy or impressed in the shots taken on the Saturday. The girl I'd originally asked to be my MdOH, was pulling a lot of shit, and basically not giving me the support I needed at that time in my life. She had decided that she wasn't able to share that day with me. I was sad because I'd wanted to share this experience with her, so I wasn't allowing myself to feel excitement or happiness. :(

I went on a Saturday in May with my future MIL, and her good friend. We originally went to a fairly "posh" place, but they wouldn't let me take any pics for me to share with my mom, who lives in another city. I tried on a few dresses there, but nothing jumped out at me. I was already feeling out of sorts that day because of the actions of the girl who was supposed to be my MdOH . Also, the HIGH HIGH prices in this place stressed me out.
We then went to a consignment store, and they had NO problem letting us take pics while I tried on dresses and pondered. Being able to take the pics helped me to decide on the dress I wanted.

The following Tuesday, I came back with my future MIL, my future SIL (who I've since asked to be my Matron of Honor), and my Maid of Honour (who was originally just a bridesmaid). I was really happy to have my SIL and ONE of my attendants there. The original MdOH STILL wasn't able to make it. The original girl who I had asked to be my MdOH and I are no longer friends. We broke things off in August. I've since asked my SIL to be the MtrOH, and the other girl to be MdOH. I feel MUCH happier about this decision. Both of these women have been nothing but supportive and loving to me and my fiance.

This is my first time doing a cut with TEXT and PICS, so I hope it works. *crosses fingers*
Here goes.

Wedding dress picsCollapse )

I'm not entirely happy with my size. My fiancee loves me the way I am, so this is MY issue.I hope to lose A BIT of weight before my wedding. Mostly I want to tone up my arms and upper body, so I can fit into (and look better in) the dress. However, even if I don't lose much weight, I'm contented to know that I have an awesome dress that I currently look great in.

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What do I ask the prospective DJ? [06 Nov 2005|09:38pm]

So, I'm trying to start scoping out a DJ.
Please, anyone who's already found their DJ, can you tell me what sorts of things I need to make sure I ask them?
I don't want to sound too much like a blundering idiot when I'm on the phone with them. And I don't want to have to phone them back a bunch of times to ask some stupid questions.

Thanks SOOO much!! :)

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